– BattleStar Galactica


– short for convention, a gathering of geeks of a particular fandom.


– Not Distract Attorney here… DA stands for Deviant Art on the internet.


– Dont know why I m putting this one in here… If you have been on the internet long enough to find me and dont know that FAQ means Frequently asked questions, you might be in trouble.

Floppy's or Floppies

– Comicbooks. A single issue of a comic. Has come into use since the industry has made trade collections a regular item, sometimes coming out the same week as the last issue of a given storyline.


– A Geek is frequently confused with a Nerd. A Geek can be a Nerd and a Nerd can be a Geek, but they do not have to be. A Geek is a person who find pleasure in the subculture of a fandom. Nascar fans are car geeks although they would never admit it. Being a Geek is more commonly associated with fandom culture of Comic Books and Science Fiction.


– Local Comic Shop. I worked at one for five years, from 2001 to 2006. Part of me misses geeking out with others on a regular basis but at the same time I dont miss the drama baggage that went with it…


– Lord of the Rings


– A nerd while frequently confussed with being a geek it is not the same. A nerd is someone who is of a higher caliber intelligence then normal. A lot of nerds tend to be geeks as they found themselves as outcasts because of their intelligence as children and fandom of comics and sci-fi gave them an out that they needed.

Pull List

– A service offered by most comic shops where the customer puts together a list of all the titles that they want and gives it to the store. The store then pulls a copy of that book for the customer everytime it comes in making sure that a customer does not miss an issue of a title if it sells out.


– rewritting an established history, like in a comic, to better fit a new story. WIKI ENTRY


– Original Soundtrack


– Sketch A Day. Every other month a theme is chose and I then do a sketch based upon it for each day of that month. It is a way to challenge my self to draw and improve my art each day while having fun at the same time.


– Special Operations Section, the spys of the British government.


– Zombie