Cross Posted from : The Last HometownPopCultureLeague-Logo-BigWell here it is… my shelf Selfie… I wanted to do one of my Hulk collection, but that is all boxed up right now as we do some more work in the basement… So instead you get what is sitting out in the living room…



Godzilla, Monsters and Kaijus and more…


Godzilla, Monsters and Kaijus and more…



Lego Figures of me and my daughters if we were to survive the apocalypse and have to fight on at the end of the world…



The Funko Pop Collection… To be honest I dont know how long this one is going to be around. Just bored with them. Thinking about boxing a lot of them up and selling them off… specially the original Blue Box Greedo that I have (Not Pictured) someone told me he can get a nice amount that could then be spent on cooler Godzilla stuff…P1030765


Our unhealthy addiction collection of Infinity and Skylander figures. There are even more of them in the cabinets…



My Batman Arkham Funko Mini Collection. Including the Freeze and Killer Crocc exclusives from Gamestop and Walgreens.

The majority of my Funko Mini’s are packed up right now… Hope to fix that soon.



Another small handful of my Massive Mini Collection.



And Finally my random little shelf… Just ha handful of items that i thought looked cool. I have a thing for for figures in protective/bio-hazard gear… Just noticed that one of the Three Stooges zombies has fallen off his shelf, I guess I will be searching for him…

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