What is Geek Show Ink?

Geek Show Ink is a name I came up with when I was not fast enough in renewing the domain name for Houseofduck.com. It is ment to be the home for all of my geek love and comics and art on the interntet...

So what was House of Duck?

Well House of Duck is me. A while back I picked up the nickname of Duck and I have been using it for an internet ID ever sense… It has had many forms… Eboladuck, Crayduck , BobaDuck… and many others. When I finally settled down and got married and had a family, it only seemed fitting that I would then be a House of Duck.

What is HOD?

HOD = House of Duck. Simple abbreviation.

Who am I?

My name is Charles Raymond. I am a 40something year old stay at home dad who is trying to stay a kid. I do this by drawing cartoons, reading comics and being an over all geek. I have a Wonderful wife and two Beautiful daughter (who are referred to as Red and Goldie on the internet…). I have way to many projects in development. My goal is to some day make a comic of my own…

Is there a set posting schedule?

Yes. Although I do reserve the right not to post if nothing has really jumped out at me in the past week to warrant it or to post something sooner if I want to…

Monday – Toys on my Desk

Tuesday – Television

Wednesday – Books and/or Piper May chapter.

Thursday – Comics

Friday – Movies and DVD's

Saturday – Links collected over the week

Sunday – Streaming Videos

All ready changed my mind about Saturdays and Sundays they are now going to be:

Saturday – The Making of a Geek.

Sunday – Artist to Watch

Links and videos will be posted as I find them and want to post them. There will also being a couple on going essay style posts. These will not have any set schedule they will just happen when I am moved to write them. The ones I know that I am going to be doing as of right now are: Classic Geek Characters. Haunted Places. Making up Stories. The Making of a Geek. Artist to Watch.